Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Ship Dogs?

No, we do not ship dogs. We serve the mid-Atlantic region—meaning Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and  Pennsylvania.  

How much does a Double Doodle cost?

Price Change effective March 15, 2016:

Our puppies are $1750 Deposits of $400 may be sent in the form of a personal check for future litters. Deposits are non-refundable. Sending a deposit reserves your spot to come and choose a puppy from the next available litter. Puppies are not guaranteed within a certain time frame, but our goal is to fill your order within one year. In the event that we receive more deposits than puppies, deposits are transferable to the next available litter.

What size will they be?

Offspring of parent double doodles  will typically mature to a size and weight somewhere between the parent’s sizes and weights.  Typically, our Double Doodles  in our breeding program will range in weight between 25-35 lbs; some males may be larger. 

Do they shed?

Our Labradoodle doesn't shed and neither does the Goldendoodle male father.  Our experience has been that they typically do not shed at all; if they do, it is a small tuft of hair that scoots across your floor!  You should not see hair flying off their backs like you do a purebred.

We do not make any guarantee on shedding!

What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my Doodle puppy?

You will need to bring cash or money order to pay your remaining balance.  You should  bring a crate for travel, collar (or I provide a puppy collar)  & leash.  We don’t recommend giving the pup water on the trip, but a dish for ice chips or ice cubes is perfect.  That way they get some water, but aren’t gulping down a drink that may lead to throwing it back up in the car!   Do not feed the puppy until you get home. Puppy’s tummies can be very sensitive, and sometimes accidents happen en route—it is always a good idea to bring a towel to lie on your seat, paper towels, wet wipes, and a small garbage bag.

In addition, it has been helpful to bring an old t-shirt or towel from your home that we can use for the puppies to play with while you are here. This puts the scent of the litter and siblings onto the item for you to take along home with you. This helps with your puppy’s adjustment to her new home by having the scent of her family with her in her new surroundings.

Are your puppies checked by a vet and their health guaranteed?

All puppies are seen by a vet to receive their own vaccinations and examinations. This is an additional measure that we take to assure the buyer that their puppy is healthy and ready to be a part of their family. We provide customers with a 14-Day Health Guarantee and hips and eyes are guaranteed for 1 years after the date of sale. The new owner must have the new puppy checked by their vet within 5 days of purchase or the warranty will be voided. In the event a health issues arises covered by our warranty you will receive a pick of our next litter. We don't pay any vet bills or hospital costs associated with any illness with your puppy.

Do you recommend vitamins or nutritional supplements for your dogs?

Yes!  We recommend quality supplements that may be acquired by your vet or local pet store.

Do you allow visits to see new puppies?  Can we see your dogs, puppies, etc.?

We allow scheduled visits.  Please contact us via email or phone to set up your scheduled visit!

One thing that we strive to do is to provide one-on-one interaction between you, the customer, and our facility and practice here.  There is associated risk, however, when people come to visit us .  The biggest risk in allowing customers to come on sight and visit is the risk that they will somehow inadvertently carry the Parvovirus in on them.  Many breeders do not allow customers on their premises for that very reason.  For now, we allow restricted visits and access when you come to visit.  You will not be allowed in the whelping house where any new litters and their mothers are housed.  Puppies are at extreme risk of contracting the virus because their immune systems are so undeveloped.  They are protected by mama’s antibodies to some degree, but puppies are still at risk.  We really encourage visits to my facility so customers can ask questions, look around, and feel comfortable with the process of getting a puppy from us.  On the day of your visit all I ask from my customers and visitors is to please respect my requests to not visit any other dogs, kennels, rescues, breeders, groomers, veterinarians, dog parks, etc., etc., where other dogs are at risk of carrying the virus.  It is vitally important to the health, well being, and success of our breeding program.

  Many times customers need to visit a Double Doodle breeder just to gain information and to be educated on the breed.  While we love to meet with customers and educate and inform them about this wonderful breed, and allow you to meet doodles of different sizes, and answer your questions, my time is valuable as well.  When a visitor comes and does not place a deposit for a future litter, a Visitation Fee of $50.00 is due to us payable in CASH.  If that customer later places a deposit for a future puppy, then the $50.00 Visitation Fee is applied to their deposit/balance owed.  If a customer visits and places a deposit the same day as the visit, the $50.00 Visitation Fee is waived.

Will I receive registration papers for my doodle?

​Presently, we are not registering our Double Doodles with any  agency.  It isn’t something that our customers are requesting or desiring, so we spare the added cost and expense  that it would take to register the litter.   There are hybrid agencies and a few kennel clubs that are accepting  doodle registrations.  When and if our  customers begin to request this, we will offer this service to them.

What are your thoughts on male vs. female doodles? 

We get asked this question a lot!  Females are typically requested more often than males.  The reasons vary, but mainly because their size tends to be smaller than males, and because people assume that females are more motherly or nurturing, especially around kids.  Males are not requested as much because of their size, “marking” issues, and male tendencies!

While we do not recommend one gender over another, we honestly say that we think males are needlessly overlooked.  Many males with wonderful temperaments are often overlooked simply because they were males.  Males are very affectionate and loyal.  Once they are neutered, this greatly diminishes their desire to “mark” territories other male habits.  Males can be trained where it is appropriate to go to the bathroom, so that they aren’t tempted to mark all your bushes, landscaping, etc.  If you are unsure about a male vs. female, keep your options open; don’t lock yourself into one gender over another.   

Are your puppies seen by a vet before they are sold?

All our Double Doodle puppies are checked by our licensed veterinarian around 7 weeks of age.  At that appointment, they receive a thorough physical exam and their first series of shots.  They are also de-wormed at this appointment as a precaution.  You will be given a copy of the vet certificate when you pick up your puppy; you should take it with you to your first vet’s appointment so he can see your puppies health and vaccine history.

What do doodles require as far as daily grooming?

Doodles coats maintain themselves, for the most part.  A regular brushing helps keep their coats from matting and debris from becoming embedded.  If your doodle is out on a romp and gets into mud and muck, the best thing to do is to let the coat dry naturally by itself.  A lot of the dirt will fall off when dry, and a dry coat is easier to brush and clean than a wet coat.  Bathing should be kept to a minimum, as this can dry out your doodles skin.